This is a network for Alaska residents and visitors to get real time notifications when the aurora borealis is visible in the sky. This service is powered by the human eye, and not by a computer. This webpage is dedicated to documenting and reporting the aurora season in an unscientific manner. 

If you want to be a reporter, simply email, facebook message, or text us. Tell us what you see and where you are. For example, say “I see large green bands, and I am near Birch Hill!”, or “I see streaks of red and purple, and I am in downtown Fairbanks!”

We watch the sky nightly from Aug 15 or so through the end of April.

In the fall of 2010, I was a new mother and up all night with the baby (that’s my excuse). I would spot the aurora and then go on facebook to tell my friends. Some of them asked me to call them when I saw it. My little list of friends to call grew, and my friend Kristie said I should make a facebook group. We were always scheming, trying to come up with something fun to do. So we started the group, then made an app. As facebook is always changing, we had to change with it. And we changed it many times! We started off with about 25 friends the first week. Then it grew to about 85 for the first season. By season 2, we had about 600 people. We are currently into season 3 with an astonishing amount of people. We also expanded to twitter and this website. The more people reporting the aurora, the more successful the report, because sometimes for whatever reason we don’t see it, but someone in another part of town might.

To chat in our group or to talk about your photos, camera settings, special events, and more, go to the Group homepage on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/auroranotify/

To get updates on your facebook wall and to see what others post about the aurora, go to this page: http://www.facebook.com/ABNFNSB

To get notifications on your cell phone, use twitter:  https://twitter.com/AuroraNotify and be sure to click on mobile notifications and turn on the middle of the night hours.


thanks for visiting!

Amy Stratman


Kristie Stariha


If you are interested in advertising on this website, simply email us at auroranotify@yahoo.com.