G2 storm last night G1 tonight

Most of the State of Alaska cannot see the aurora tonight because of the midnight sun, but those who are in some portions of Canada and the northern USA will be able to see a great show tonight.

Currently, the aurora has been reported in Maine and New York. We expect WI, MI, MN, and ND to report. The kp levels reached 7 last night but it was about 4am central time when we got the first sighting (that we know of)…..tonight the kp level is a 4 and expected to rise again. The higher the kp level, the lower latitude the aurora can be seen, and more overhead and intense displays for those in higher latitudes. What time will it be seen tonight? Now and all night long (darkness) is the answer.

There has been a lot of activity on the sun in the past couple days and the solar storm continues. We hope this is a sign for a great aurora season this coming winter.



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